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As flood water begins to go down, concerns about damage and safety rise

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) --- While the water is beginning to recede, some are concerned about the damage it's leaving. 

Signs from VDOT were put onto a stretch of Hopkins Road, on the Richmond and Chesterfield County line, Saturday afternoon. Water was building up near a drainage ditch. 

"The barriers are up there for a reason," Chris Quidort said. 

But cars knocked down the tape and are still whizzing by the bend. 

"They were holding up the barrier, they were just driving underneath it and that's what gets people hurt," Quidort said. "It's a free country, we're going to do whatever they're going to do but when you drive into a flooded area and you can't get out. That's you're fault." 

Quidort has lived on the street for more than a decade, and took matters into this own hands to help his neighbors out. He brought out a big stick to jam out the clog, "plunging it like a toilet."

The water is slowing going down. 8News stopped by Chapel Drive in Richmond on Friday to find part of the block closed off because of high water. It was about 5 inches deep in front of one house. 

"I can't get out if anything should happen, I can't get out," Glorine Doswell told 8News on Friday.  

Stuck. 75-year-old Glorine Doswell says every time there's a big storm, this happens. Needless to say, she's worried. 

"The ambulance or something, they'd have to come through the water to get in here to get me out," Doswell said.

She's been telling the city about the drainage and flooding problems since she moved in over ten years ago. 

"Every meeting I go to I let them know," said she. "Nothing has been done."

Police on the scene Friday told 8News that a priority call was put in to clear the water up. 24 hours later, it was all dry, just before another storm rolls in. 

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