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Fired nurses claim mistreatment, payroll issues by former employers

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) -- Imagine getting a text from your boss telling you not to show up to work with no explanation. 

A group of women who work at "All Nurses Cares Incorporated" in Mechanicsville said it happened to them. 

The ladies of "All Nurses Care Inc." told 8News they not only were they told not to come to work, but some complained of not being paid for the work they've done. 

"It's terrible because now we have to go out and look for another job," said one woman, who asked to be unidentified. "We were already stable. We had our own patients. We know what our patients needed every day and now we have to get new patients and start all over again, I'm too old for that." 

"It's frustrating, very frustrating," said another woman. 

The three ladies who spoke to 8News did not wish to show their face on camera for fear of retaliation. 

"If anybody comes to my house, I'm calling 8News so you'll know about it," one of the women said. 

They told 8News that they hardly got paid on time, which put them in a bind. 

"Mentally, physically, bills I have to pay, mortgage, light bill, gas bill."

A text message from one of the owners of the facility admits the check problems: "We are having some payroll issues, we will let you know when checks are ready."

"They haven't been paying us on time or sometimes they don't pay us at all. When we asked them about it to get it corrected they said they'd correct it but we never received it."

The three nurses said it's hard to get a hold of their bosses. 

8News was present when the ladies confronted their bosses, owner Owen Lawrence, who seemed shocked and didn't answer any questions the women had. 

When 8News asked for a comment from Lawrence and his wife, Angela, but the two drove off in their car. 

Afterward, 8News spoke with A. Lawrence on the phone, who said the everyone owed money has been paid. 

She also mentioned that she wished to fire the nurses, but may have gone about it the wrong way. 

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