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Restaurant owner reacts to food truck propane accident

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) - There's been an outpouring of support from people in RVA and the restaurant industry, after three people were sent to the hospital from a "propane accident" on a food truck.

The manager of Cary St. Cafe said on Facebook that the incident happened late Friday night. One of the owners and two employees had severe burns and were taken to the hospital.

At last check, a spokesperson from VCU Medical Center said the owner was in "fair condition." The other workers were doing "okay," according to the manager.

Others in the restaurant industry want to know what caused the accident because they want to make sure their food trucks are safe too. 

"It's really scary because, you know, these propane tanks are no joke," said Mitchell Trak, the co-owner of The Grapevine Restaurant in Henrico County. 

Trak has seen some close calls in the restaurant business. 

"We're had some scares in the past but thank God, nothing really major and everybody was okay," he added.

Trak couldn't believe what happened at Cary St. Cafe.

"It's devastating, it puts you in shock," Trak said. 

The Trak family has been in the restaurant business for almost 25 years, expanding it to a fleet of food and festival trucks about 7 years ago. They do a lot of training with their staff to make sure it all runs smoothly. 

"Being that it's owner supervised," he said. "We got a big family that's on the truck with them."

As well as safely. The Traks' take a lot of safety precautions too. The trucks have a fire suppression system with automatic sprinklers. 

"The tanks are connected to the fire suppression system so, when something goes wrong in there - God forbid - it shuts off the propane completely. It completely shuts off everything," Trak said. 

Plus fire extinguishers too, required by the health department whenever cooks are using propane for their equipment. 

Tonight, the Traks' and others in RVA are keeping Cary St. Cafe in their thoughts. 

"Our hearts go out to the family and everybody injured. We pray for them," he added. 

According to a post on Facebook, one of the managers of Cary St. Cafe said a box is being set up at the restaurant in case anyone wants to drop off a card or donations for the people who were injured.

8News has reached out to the Richmond Fire Department and Richmond Police for more details about the incident. 

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