Employees clean broken glass, mend damages after Church Hill restaurant vandalized

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) -- Authorities are investigating an incident in Richmond after a restaurant was damaged by vandals overnight. 

Police are trying to identify the suspect they believe used pellet guns to shoot out windows at Anthony's on the Hill in Church Hill.

Staff members at the restaurant were greeted by broken windows and shattered glass as they arrived at work in the morning.

"I thought there was an accident or something on the corner but when I got up here I had no idea what to expect so a little shocked to found out what it was," a server at Anthony's on the Hill, Will Jones said. 

Instead of working for tips, Jones and his crew spent the day cleaning up the mess left behind. 

"I just wish people would find something else to do more constructive...that's all," Jones told 8News. 

Jones said this senseless act takes a toll on his pockets, as the restaurant was forced to close for the day. 

"It's always hard to lose out on money but you know, we'll make it through," Jones said. 

Yoseph Teklemariam operates a business next door to Anthony's on the Hill. 

"I wasn't shocked, I wasn't surprised. I didn't react any certain way, I just...that stinks," Teklemariam admitted. 

He does wonder about the culprits' intentions. 

"I doubt it's any targeted specifically to his business or anyone there, it was probably just lack of better things to do," Teklemariam told 8News. 

Neighbors hope cameras set up across the street catch the person or people responsible. 

"Hopefully, we'll be back open tomorrow and everything will be back to normal," Jones said. 

Locals of Church Hill told 8News that they wish to see more officers conducting foot patrols in the area. 

Employees from Anthony's on the Hill wasted little time Wednesday, cleaning the debris and broken glass from the damage caused overnight. 

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