Grass growing through bedroom floor in Richmond apartment outrages mother

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) -- For the last two years, Quintella Rucker and her family have called the Somerset Glen Apartments in Richmond their home, however, she's ready to move her family out after finding grass growing through the floor of her nine-year-old daughter's bedroom. 

"I mean, you're not happy in your own home," Rucker told 8News. 

Rucker received a call from her family on Saturday to inform her that grass was growing in her daughter's bedroom. 

"Then she came and she told me 'mom, I have grass growing in my room' and I go in there and I was like wow," Rucker told 8News. 

When Rucker arrived home she discovered a wet patch of the room's carpet, between the bed and a dresser, that appeared to have sprouted grass.

"We were all shocked because you don't expect things like that, not growing out of a carpet in your room," Rucker said.   

Rucker's concern lies with her daughter's health. 

"This is uncomfortable," Rucker explains. "My daughter doesn't even want to sleep in her room."

Rucker shared other issues in the apartment to 8News, such as claims of finding mold in the vent of her daughter' bedroom to bathroom and kitchen damage.

"My bathroom sink hangs off the wall. It''s a lot," Rucker said. "This has been like this since I moved in. They told me there was going to be a contractor to come out here and fix it. It never was fixed."    

Rucker told 8News that she has placed 10 work orders with the apartment complex as well as reach out to the apartment complex's management and the health department.

"I just don't want to live here anymore, so if there is any way I can kind of break my lease to get up out of here. I don't want to even move to another unit," Rucker admitted.  

The Somerset Glen rental office declined to comment to 8News' inquiries, but a few maintenance workers at the apartment complex shared their intended plans to visit Rucker's apartment and resolve the issue in the upcoming future.

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