Locals react after Richmond superintendent suggests gender-neutral cap and gowns

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) -- As graduations continue across our area, some people have been focusing on something different: the colors of caps and gowns. 

One local superintendent started the conversation with a tweet on Wednesday. 

Jason Kamras, Richmond Public Schools Superintendent, tweeted about a gender-neutral cap and gown color change after hearing about students not feeling welcomed. 

8News went through Richmond to see how locals were feeling about the new idea.

"I'm of the opinion that I like the traditional way because I'm older and come from a different generation," said Gene Couvillion before he attends a graduation in Richmond, "but I'm also sensitive to the new generation and maybe we should be more contemporary about that."

Suggestions from people range from keeping things the way they are to letting senior classes vote on the color choice instead of being regulated by school systems. 

Ashley Ebbert will graduate from high school this weekend and told 8News that she is not surprised by the topic of conversation. 

"I have not thought about it but now that you've brought it up I think it's a good idea. And I hope to see changes like that so that way people don't, I don't know if I'd say stereotypes but just so that way they're not grouped out. They're all put together, all wearing the same thing. You're not grouped as one way or another," said Ebbert. 

The gender-neutral cap and gowns are not a new idea, as other school districts across the country have already adopted similar policies. 

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