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Woman needs help finding wedding ring lost at 10k

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) - A  Fredericksburg woman is asking for help after she lost her wedding ring during Saturday's Monument Avenue 10k in Richmond. 

Heather Elliott tells 8News after she finished the race, she walked through the festival with a friend. 

As she sat down to rest, she noticed her wedding band was gone from her hand held pocket.

She went back to the course to look for it but couldn't find it. 

After reporting it, Elliott posted about the missing ring on social media. 

"I was super panicked because I just thought there is no way I'm going to be able to find it because so much time had passed," said Elliott.  "And just kind of in a devastation kind of feeling cause I mean a ring sure can be replaced but that ring has a lot of memories attached to it or my husband placing that ring on my finger when we got married and that's something that can't be replaced." 

So far Ellliott's post has been shared on Facebook over 300 times. 

If you find the ring you can reach out to her on Facebook. 


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