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WRIC's DWTS All-Stars Super Blog: Melissa's Recap 2

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"Dancing With the Stars" recap:  The All-Stars Are Back With The Mirror Ball Trophy in Mind

      The second week will have our favorites really shaking it with a jive or a quickstep, which are both fast and challenging dances that are going to separate the boys from the men, and the girls from the women. Will being in the bottom two be enough to make Drew step up his game?  Will Kirstie make-out with host Tom again, so we forget her dance is less than stellar, perhaps?  Let's see.

     Melissa and Tony dance a lively jive that has Carrie Ann saying, "You are made to jive." To go first is always dangerous, but, it was good enough for this week.

Scores: (Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-7.5)                   Total—23.5

     Next on the floor is Bristol and Mark, and much is made of the fact that Bristol chose the song, "Redneck Woman" this week.  A country quickstep that went horribly wrong, with technique--which is very important--completely ignored.  Bristol, though she looks good, does not dance on the same level as the others.  All judges commented on breaking hold throughout the dance. If voting is based on dancing, she should go home.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-6, Len-6, Bruno-6)                     Total—18

     Helio and Chelsie hit the floor next with a jive that was fun and he always has a way of playing to the camera that is enjoyable.  I think he needs to work a little more on the actual dancing, because he has the charm down pat.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8, Len-7.5, Bruno-7.5)                           Total—23

     An exploding and technically amazing quickstep was next by Anton and Karina.  He was disappointed by his performance last week, (not placing in the "medal range"), and had something to prove.  He did, and then some.  Len even said, "gold medal."

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8.5, Len-8, Bruno-8)                  Total—24.5    *Stingy Len and Bruno?

     Another quickstep followed, (strange, I know), but it was a fantastic!  Sabrina and Louis had a great routine with fast-paced choreography that she was more than able to keep up with.  Her lines and extensions were beautiful.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9, Len-8.5, Bruno-8.5)               Total—26

     A short, black wigged out Kirstie and Maks is next, dancing (pole dancing) a jive.  There seemed to be more walking than dancing, except the pole part, and I also do not see much chemistry happening this season so far.  Kirstie is fun and entertaining, but, she is not up to par.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-7, Len-7, Bruno-7)                                 Total—21

     Last week's leaders Emmitt and Cheryl took their best shot at a quickstep; however, this is not his dance.  They kept it simple, and luckily for him, he is good.  He will be fine this week, but needs a good dance next week.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-7.5, Len-7.5, Bruno-7.5)                                    Total—22.5

     Having never experienced being in the bottom two, Drew was visibly upset going into his jive this week with Anna.  He looked the part; unfortunately, the jive is a lively dance, and Drew was flatfooted all the way through.  Not good. I am worried about one of my favorites.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-7.5, Len-7.5, Bruno-7.5)                        Total—22.5

     Joey and Kym's quickstep was entertaining and fun; however, there were clear technical mistakes that anyone could see.  Len said, "If you can't dance, entertain us, which you did."  Backhanded compliment, anyone?

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-7.5 Len-7.5, Bruno-7.5)                         Total—22.5

     Starting off the performance with a cartwheel down the steps, Shawn and Derek proved that they can jive!  These two have terrific chemistry and work really well together, however, Len wants more. Go figure.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8.5, Len-8, Bruno-8.5)                            Total—25

     The next quickstep came from Kelly and Val, and while it was good, it wasn't great.  Her pink, puffy, prom-looking dress interfered with seeing her footwork very well, and the whole routine looked kind of stiff.  The judges were pretty harsh, warning her to work on, frame, shoulders, and holds.  Ok, so basically, work on the dancing Kelly.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-7.5, Len-7, Bruno-7.5)                             Total—22

     Talk about saving the best for last, he may have injured his hamstring, but there was no evidence of it in his jive.  Gilles and Peta tore up the floor with their dance; his dancing ability along with his showmanship make him a star. 

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8.5, Len-8.5, Bruno-8.5)                                      Total—25.5

     My favorite three of the night were Gilles, Anton, and Shawn, and my least favorite three were Bristol, Kirstie, and Drew.  If votes are based on ability, (we know that they are not always, right?), Bristol goes home.  Bristol has fans though, and so does Kirstie, so Drew could be in real trouble tonight.  What were your favorite moments? 

Everything you need to know about how to vote here!

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