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WRIC's DWTS All-Stars Super Blog: Melissa's Recap 5

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"Dancing With the Stars" Recap 5:  What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

     It's guilty pleasure week and we are in for a lot of fun, and a few surprises!  Thrill, chills, and even a spill!  We will see a princess come to life, there may be a few babies in about nine months, and there is even a Fanilow among the All-Stars!  This is also a non-elimination week, so next week, we may lose two of our favorite dancers, so I hope you voted for your favorites!  We were also treated to two amazing, and completely different group dances.  So, how did the All-Stars guilty pleasures translate on-screen?  Let's see!

     This seasons showmance Kelly and Val are in the dreaded first position and she has chosen "Want U Back", a samba that none of the judges find very appealing.  Len says that it is "too raunchy" and Carrie Ann states simply that it is, "not your best."  Too me it just looked like she wasn't even enjoying herself, and being an actress, it seems like she could at least fake it if she isn't. I smell trouble.

Scores: (Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8)                      Total—24.5     (Total overall)-51.5

     Gilles wants to be responsible for babies being made to his rumba. Mission accomplished. His song is "I Will Always Love You", and it is so hot and sexy, that when she is talking about it, Carrie Ann tumbles (literally) off of the stage. Flat. Funniest moment of the night. Watched it over and over the next day, and as Tom said, "I didn't expect you to get into baby-making position." Len stated, "You have turned October into Hot-ober."  Len's only critique is that Peta "has her leg in the air too much."  Hmmm.  I can only assume this is the reason for the half point deduction. That's a shame.

  Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-9.5, Bruno-10)            Total—29.5     (Total overall)-56.5

     Now that Bristol has been eliminated (applause, ok sorry), Kirstie needs to step it up.  She is playing Mrs. Robinson to Maks' Graduate.  A quickstep is a tough dance and Kirstie struggles trying to learn the routine.  In the end, it is her best dance, as all judges agree.  She is the best entertainer left out of the All-Stars, but, her dancing is not as technically difficult.  The judges were very generous in their scores.  Her fan base is what will keep her alive, but, it is what keeps all of them alive, is it not?

 Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8.5, Len-8.5, Bruno-8.5)           Total—25.5     (Total overall)-52.5

     Who would have guessed that big, burly football star, Emmitt is a Fanilow?  Dancing to Copacabana, he and Cheryl did a samba that was fun, colorful and high energy.  He danced better than I remember seeing him, and looked like he was having the time of his life.  Clearly his best dance, and it earned him his best score of the season.

 Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9.5, Len-9.5, Bruno-10)            Total—29        (Total overall)-56

     Team "Call Me Maybe" burst onto the floor in football gear and cheerleading outfits! Led by Shawn and Derek, they decided to concentrate on technical aspects and acrobatics, believing the other group would invoke humor and entertainment.  There were concerns about Melissa and Tony because she had injured her neck during rehearsals, but, you couldn't see it in her dancing; she was even transformed into a human jump rope!  Apolo and Karina did a little hip-hop, probably hoping to make up for last week's mishap.  Everyone came together and was in perfect sync, Sabrina and Louis are always good for exciting flips, and everything is flawless overall.  The team is awarded 29.5 points that will be added to their individual scores.


     Melissa injured her neck during rehearsals for the group dance and was in danger of not being able to perform.  However, she was cleared, and her guilty pleasure?  "Toxic" by Brittany Spears.  Having never danced a tango, she wasn't quite able to be as sharp as she needed to be to get those high scores, but, given the injury, it's understandable.  There was some squabbling back and forth between Len and Tom, (always fun), with Tom stating that he was trying to "find Len's beating heart!"  Overall, she danced a very strong number that others could not have done, even in perfect health.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9)                     Total—27        (Total overall)-56.5

Shawn and Derek danced a rumba to "My Heart Goes On", from "Titanic", and it was amazing!

There was romance, emotion, and maturity that I haven't seen from Shawn.  The choreography

that Derek comes up with is spectacular.  At the end of the dance, he "disappeared" off the

stage and into the fog, to represent Jack, and we were all transported back to that ship! 

Unfortunately, Carrie Ann called a lift (it was a catch!), and Len said there was no hip action, (

he must have fallen asleep), everyone was shocked at the responses.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9, Len-8, Bruno-10)                   Total—27        (Total overall)-56.5  

     "Give It To Me Baby" is what Apolo has chosen for his guilty pleasure.  We will see a samba, and Karina wants to nail the samba rolls, presumably she wants to make up for the fall she took last week, which sent her into instant tears.  They were certainly going for it, the result was a jumbled routine that was too fast, and hard to watch.  I didn't enjoy it, and I feel like Karina is dancing for herself, and not her partner.  Apolo is good, but, until she turns the focus back on him, he is going to keep suffering.  Carrie Ann didn't care for the routine, however, Len and Bruno felt better about it.

 Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8.5, Len-9.5, Bruno-9)              Total—27        (Total overall)-56.5

    Sabrina and Louis danced a waltz because she wanted to be a princess, choosing "So This Is Love" from "Cinderella."   There were no exciting flips and tricks, just a lovely, flowing, beautiful dance.  She was vulnerable, which she admitted is hard for her, and she showed her heart.  It was gorgeous.  Bruno stated that "It was like a magic ride into an enchanted kingdom."

 Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-9.5, Bruno-9.5)                        Total—29        (Total overall)-58.5


     The final group routine is going to be a crazy, fun, colorful, Gangnam Style dance.  We know going into it that it is going to be more entertaining than technical.  Maks and Kirstie are first and do a little shake of their backside, and then Cheryl rides Emmitt cowboy style.  Moving along Kelly rips off Val shirt, and he spins her. A lot. Thankfully, Gilles comes out in a towel (yes, an itty, bitty towel), and Peta has on three. They do a little number which includes him splitting her legs open and taking a look, upside down, (I swear!), and then they come together for a little dancing.  It was fun, and insane at the same time.  Not close to the other group in the technical aspect, but, we all knew that.  The judges gave them a 27 (all 9's), that will be added to their individual scores.

     I may be repeating myself, but, Gilles and Peta, and Shawn and Derek nailed it this week.  Kelly and Val really were off their game this week and will need votes to keep them around.  Apolo and Karina may also be in trouble.  What were your favorite moments? 

Did you miss the show? Check your favorite star's score here!

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Melissa Perrine is a married mother of three boys. In recent years, she has returned to school to get degrees in Grief Counseling and Substance Abuse Counseling, graduating this past May. When not leading the hectic life of a typical mom (with coffee on an IV drip!), she loves writing (encouraged by a former teacher) and reality shows…a perfect match! Read more of Melissa's writing about DWTS each Tuesday, and watch Dancing With the Stars on Tuesdays at 8, only on WRIC TV8!




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