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WRIC's DWTS All-Stars Super Blog: Melissa's Recap 7

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"Dancing With the Stars" Recap 7:  Dance Fusion-Style!

     Tonight we will see how the Pros and All-Stars are able to take two different dances and "fuse" them together, all within one song.  Obviously song choice is going to be very important, as well as the transitions between the two styles.  We will also see a Swing Dance Marathon at the end of the night that will add points to the overall scores, the longer you stay in, the more points you will receive.  Who can mix it up the best?  Who has the most stamina?  Let's see!

     Going first are Apolo and Karina with a paso doble/cha-cha fusion.  Apolo has been improving the last couple of weeks and this week he really shines on the floor, finally having found a true partnership with Karina.  This was a great mixture of dances, and it was full of energy.

 Scores: (Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9)                     Total—27        Overall Total (33)

    A rumba/samba fusion is next from Emmitt and Cheryl who come out in a whole lot of pink!  Of course, real men can pull that off, right?  Mixing a slow and a fast dance can be tough, but, he pulled it off.  Carrie Ann thought he was lacking in the upper body, but, Len and Bruno disagreed, as they both loved the performance.

  Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8.5, Len-9.5, Bruno-9.5)          Total—27.5     Overall Total (34.5)

     Next to fuse are Kirstie and Maks, and they have been given the quickstep/samba combination.  I think it is safe to say that this was her least successful dance, and although she is still a terrific person, this is not a personality contest.  The judges fawn all over her too much, but, this week even they couldn't find much to say.  Good effort, great heart, it is like they might as well say, go home, and it is time.  Even Kirstie herself said her scores were "generous" and she is correct.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8, Len-8, Bruno-8)         Total—24                                Overall Total (28)           

     Kelly and Val bring us a foxtrot/cha-cha and at the same time, they continue the romance, or at least they want us to believe there is a romance.  Whatever.  This week, I finally saw a smile on Kelly's face throughout the routine, and it changed the entire performance.  She looked like she was enjoying herself!  Yes!  I think this was her best dance, he spun her and when she went spinning, I almost got dizzy. I'm not sure how she did so many spins, but, she nailed it.

 Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9)        Total—27                                Overall Total (36)


     Melissa and Tony brought us a tango/cha-cha, and it was a true fusion of dance.  They did not just do one and then another, they went back and forth between the dances!  At the beginning, Melissa went behind a puff of smoke, and when it cleared, she was in a different dress!  Amazing!  Their musicality was spot on, and this dance was perfect.Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-9.5, Bruno-9.5)         Total—29                    Overall Total (39)           

    Because Derek is on the injured list, Shawn is once again with her former partner, Mark Ballas tonight. (I miss Derek, but, it is nice to see them together again).  They will bring the tango and paso doble together for our viewing pleasure.  Watching them dance I couldn't even tell where one dance ended and the other began, it was, as Bruno noted, "flawless."  In design, execution, and movement.  I do wonder, if Len would have been as generous if Derek had been the partner?  Just a question.Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10)              Total—30                    Overall Total (38)           

     Fusing the argentine tango and the samba will be Gilles and Peta.  Unfortunately for Gilles, he had such amazing performances almost every week, that we now expect greatness.  This was not that.  It was noted that his arms were "wobbly" and the comments were not over the top.  He was over-scored, period.  The All-Stars should be scored on how they perform week by week, not on past performances.Scores: 

(Carrie Ann-9.5, Len-9.5, Bruno-9.5)  Total—28.5       Overall Total (33.5)

     The last number was a Swing Dance Marathon and the longer you stay in, the more points you are awarded to your overall score.  The first to go are Kirstie and Maks, and they will receive 4 extra points.  Next tapped out are Gilles and Peta, (shocking), winning 5 points.  Going out next will be Apolo and Karina, with 6 points.  With four couples left, the couples are allowed to move around the floor and do bigger moves; this didn't help Emmitt and Cheryl, who leave next with 7 points.  Shawn and Mark are the next to leave (and Mark is visibly upset at this), but, they will receive 8 bonus points for their efforts.  Two couples remain and they fight it out for a few seconds, but Melissa and Tony manage to win it!  Which means that Kelly and Val will receive 9 points, and Melissa and Tony, will get the all- important additional 10 points.

     Melissa and Tony were my favorite this week, followed closely by Sabrina and Mark.  I think that Kirsten's week to go home has finally come.  However, no one goes home this week, so next week's score will be added to this week's, it is important to vote for your favorite! 

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 "I am writing this blog as the winner of WRIC-TV8's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Logger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WRIC-TV8, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any their related persons."

Melissa Perrine is a married mother of three boys. In recent years, she has returned to school to get degrees in Grief Counseling and Substance Abuse Counseling, graduating this past May. When not leading the hectic life of a typical mom (with coffee on an IV drip!), she loves writing (encouraged by a former teacher) and reality shows…a perfect match! Read more of Melissa's writing about DWTS each Tuesday, and watch Dancing With the Stars on Tuesdays at 8, only on WRIC TV8!

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