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Bills Passed, Failed at 2013 General Assembly-Legislative Round Up

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The outcome of key legislation at the 2013 General Assembly:
- Revisions to the two-year, $88 billion budget, which includes creation of a commission to oversee Medicaid reform and possible expansion.
- A five-year, $3.5 billion transportation funding plan based on a blend of tax increases, fees and general fund revenue diversions.
- Require voters to produce photo identification at the polls.
- Allow the state to take over chronically failing public schools.
- Establish a system for grading public schools on an A-to-F scale.
- Revamp teacher evaluation and grievance procedures.
- Require public schools to establish threat assessment teams similar to those used by colleges.
- Provide civil immunity to anyone who in good faith reports a campus threat.
- Require several state agencies to develop emergency response training programs for public school personnel.
- Require every public school to conduct at least two lockdown drills per year.
- Increase the penalty for "straw purchases" of firearms.
- Exempt concealed weapons permit information from public disclosure under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.
- Allow the attorney general to investigate suspected election law violations without being asked by the Board of Elections.
- Increase penalties for texting while driving.
- Make it illegal to secretly use an electronic device to track a person's movements.
- An enhanced penalty for assaulting an employee of the state facility that treats sexually violent predators who are civilly committed.
- Relax the standard for a wrongfully convicted inmate to win exoneration.
- Exempt from the Freedom of Information Act information about minors participating in parks and recreation programs.
- Allow public college student organizations to exclude anyone who does not agree with their mission.
- State that parents have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education and care of their children.
- Repeal the law against "lewd and lascivious cohabitation."
- Increase penalty for possession of contraband cigarettes with intent to distribute.
- A two-year moratorium on use of drones by police and state agencies.
- Require school boards to adopt anti-bullying policies.
- Require doctors who test patients for Lyme disease to provide information that tests can produce false negative results.
- Mandate cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for public school teachers and high school students.
- Establish a two-year provisional license for Teach for America participants.
- Eliminate bonuses electric utilities receive for using sources of renewable energy or building new power plants that use fossil fuels.
- Create a new law against financial exploitation of incapacitated adults.
- Toughen the law governing decertification of police officers convicted of certain crimes.
- Lift the state's ban on uranium mining.
- Redraw Virginia Senate district boundaries to strengthen Republican districts and create another black-majority district.
- Require background checks on private sales at gun shows.
- Require background checks on all gun sales.
- Ban military-style assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines.
- Require at least one armed employee or volunteer in every school.
- Automatically restore the voting rights of nonviolent felons who have served their sentences.
- Allow home-schooled students to participate in public school sports.
- Repeal the 2012 law requiring women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound.
- Repeal the state's new regulations requiring abortion clinics to meet the same strict building standards as newly constructed hospitals.
- Confer all the rights of "personhood" on fetuses.
- Make it a felony to perform an abortion because of the gender of the fetus.
- Bar state-funded abortions for poor women carrying mortally deformed fetuses.
- Require drug screening of state welfare recipients.
- Prohibit circuit courts from making interim appointments of lower-court judges previously rejected by the General Assembly.
- Establish a panel to study creating an alternative state currency in case the Federal Reserve system collapses.
- Allow no-excuse absentee voting.
- Require school boards to minimize the number of bus stops within 500 feet of a sex offender's home.
- Make it illegal to smoke with a child in the car.
- Allow early, in-person voting.
- Authorize localities to ban guns in public libraries.
- Amend the "Right to Farm Act" to allow farmers to sell products incidental to their farming operation without government interference.
- Allow hunting of coyotes on Sundays.
- Allow hunting on private land on Sundays with the landowner's permission.
- A constitutional amendment allowing the governor to seek a second term.
- Require drivers and passengers to make sure it's safe before opening vehicle doors on the side adjacent to moving traffic.
- Create a new offense, punishable by up to life in prison, for entering a school while armed or while carrying an explosive device with the intent to commit a violent felony.
- Require youth sports programs using public school property to adopt procedures to deal with concussions.
- Increase the mandatory retirement age for judges from 70 to 73.
- Prohibit possession of unopened container of alcohol in the passenger area of a vehicle.


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Highlights of revisions to the state's two-year, $88 billion budget approved Saturday by the 2013 General Assembly:
- Creation of a 12-member commission to oversee Medicaid reforms and possible expansion.
- $70 million to fund the state's share of a 2 percent salary increase for teachers and support personnel.
- $40 million for a 2 percent raise for state employees and a 3 percent raise for university faculty and state-supported local employees.
- $49 million to transfer an additional .05 percent of the sales tax to transportation.
- $7.7 million to provide services for 200 additional intellectually disabled and 50 additional developmentally disabled Virginians currently on waiting lists.
- $3.4 million to add 1,700 slots for in-state students at the College of William and Mary, the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and James Madison University.
- $45 million in addition to the $50 million in the introduced budget for the state's so-called "rainy day fund."
- $30 million for public school security enhancements.
- $1.3 million for additional school resource officers.
- $150,000 for first-year startup costs for the Opportunity Educational Institution, which will take over chronically failing schools.
- $8.6 million for in-state undergraduate financial aid, along with $3 million to increase Tuition Assistance Grants from $2,000 to $3,100.



RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Senior budget writers have circumvented a ruling by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli that a legislative Medicaid reform oversight panel was unconstitutional, preventing meltdown of the 2013 General Assembly hours before it adjourns.
Cuccinelli ruled that lawmakers can't delegate final legislative authority to a commission that would oversee cost-cutting reforms necessary to expand Medicaid is unconstitutional.
But a last-minute rewrite to the final budget compromise reached shortly before midnight Friday took away the commission's discretion, making Cuccinelli's ruling moot.
That satisfied dissident Senate Democrats who had promised to block passage of the budget and major transportation funding reforms. The highway financing overhaul bill passed the Senate 25-25 with most Democrats backing it and most Republicans opposed.
Still, Republican Delegate Bob Marshall promised Saturday to sue and challenge the commission's validity.


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The two largest measures before Virginia's General Assembly - the state budget and a landmark reform of the way Virginia funds its 58,000-mile highway network - have won final passage.
The measures were approved Saturday, just before lawmakers ended a 2013 session that remained fractious and dramatic into its final hours.
The budget passed the House and Senate by comfortable margins, as did the transportation funding bill.
Both passed only after senior budget writers tweaked a proposal to expand Medicaid that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli had ruled would be unconstitutional. Democrats had said they would not give their crucial votes to the budget and transportation bills without assurance that the Medicaid expansion would be pushed through.

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