Kefficient is a family-owned and operated crawl space encapsulation company serving Richmond, Virginia, Virginia Beach, and surrounding counties.

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At Kefficient, we’re focused on customer experience. Our goal is to provide information to help you make the best decision for your home. We take the time to explain everything: What your home needs, why certain changes are needed, what the cost will be and any possible alternatives. We’re patient. Our crew never engages in high-pressure sales. Instead, they are supportive, cheerful and hard-working.

For each of our customers, we always offer a personal touch. Having your home repaired, especially when you have a large project such as crawl space encapsulation or mold removal, can be unnerving. That’s why we’re here. Not only do we work fast and efficiently, we always take the time to answer your questions or show you our progress.

Kefficient is staffed by friendly, professional and efficient technicians who are driven to deliver the best experience. Let us know what you need or what questions you have — and we’ll be there.


In short, every home could benefit from an encapsulated crawl space, but there are some warning signs which can help you determine the urgency.

The most common and noticeable sign of crawl space damage is a gross, musty odor. Additionally, if you’ve noticed humid air, discolored walls or standing water — you’re in need of an inspection.

Lastly, if you feel a draft while walking above your crawl space, or notice sagging in your floors, then you need an inspection.

Luckily, the professionals at Kefficient offer FREE inspections. Let our waterproofing experts determine if your crawl space needs encapsulation at no extra cost to you.


Water is a dangerous element, and when combined with your home, it can and will wreak havoc. A wet basement or damp crawl space can create an uncomfortable home and host rapid mold growth. Too much water in the soil can bow and bend your foundation walls. At the same time, too much water in your drainage system can lead to flooding.

However, there is always a solution to your waterproofing problem. At Kefficient, we offer a substantial list of interior and exterior waterproofing solutions that keep your home protected from the inside and out. At the core of basement waterproofing is preventing water from coming in and staying in the home. At Kefficient, we utilize powerful sump pumps and other techniques to force water out of your home and outside where it belongs.

If you see a bowing wall, water intrusion, or smell a must in your home, give us a call at 804-318-5002 to schedule a FREE consultation. We’ll help you narrow down the problem and deliver a permanent solution.


All homes can experience foundation issues, no matter the age or location. From bowing and leaning walls to subtle small cracks — when these issues occur, they signal more significant structural damage within your home that can make your home unlivable when left untreated.

Luckily, Kefficient provides comprehensive, long-term solutions for your foundation troubles. With the help of our structural repair services, you can undo years of damage to your foundation while having lasting protection against any problems down the road. Additionally, our FREE inspections will give you all the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your home.

When it comes to your foundation, you don’t have to worry. Contact our foundation experts at 804-318-5002 today for a FREE consultation.


“My husband and I were having some issues in the basement that we thought were going to be very expensive to fix. We were expecting a few thousand dollars at minimum! We emailed Kefficient so that we could get a quote from them. The whole process was very quick. Mark came out and went under the house with my husband. He went over the crawl space top to bottom with him, explaining everything he was looking at or looking for. Turns out, we didn’t have a big problem. It was a very cheap and quick fix. We appreciate the very courteous treatment we got. We REALLY appreciated the honesty we got from Mark. Most companies these days just try to take as much from you as they can. It was a great experience all together!” – Sara B. Pamplin, Virginia.


Kefficient, LLC
13509 East Boundary Rd Suite G
Midlothian, VA 23112
(804) 318 5002