The parking equation in Scott’s Addition that city hall hopes to solve

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RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — A parking problem has followed a business boom and an apartment influx in Scott’s Addition.

More cars are coming in and leaving less chances to grab a space.

“I find that sometimes I don’t even come into town because I don’t want to deal with looking for parking. You always find something, but it just takes a long time,” city resident Elan Radbi said.

Richmond City Hall says they are not ignoring the change of pace on the pavement, according to Planning and Development Review Director Mark Olinger.

“Some activities that have shown up over the last couple of years–the pinball place, Tang and Biscuit, the arcades and all that–some of those tend to be in smaller buildings that don’t have any parking attached to them. So, as people show up for those, they eat all the spaces around it and all of a sudden they have a crunch.”

Mark Olinger, Director of Richmond Planning and Development Review

A planning commission remains working to complete the ‘Richmond 300′ master plan, which is said to include ways to possibly alleviate parking issues citywide.

One study in front of the planning commission outlines possible alternations to parking, including metered-parking and assessment of curb-side time limits.

Olinger told 8News: “We need to make sure that we can identify spaces that might not be permitted parking right now because we have old, outmoded signs that say ‘this is a delivery zone,’ we have curb cuts that go nowhere so we’ve got to take care of that.”

In the meantime, city planning hopes “…with things like the Pulse (bus system), some improved pedestrian infrastructure, some bike infrastructure that some of the people visiting Scott’s Addition via single-occupancy vehicle might do it through other means,” Olinger said.

Ros Deluca said she doesn’t drive into Scott’s Addition, but utilizes the Pulse bus system.

“When I’m not coming to Scott’s Addition for work, when I’m coming in to go to one of the breweries, we always take the bus,” Deluca said.

Olinger said he expects city council will vote to adopt the ‘Richmond 300’ master plan by the end of the summer.



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