Jacqueline Waters

Jacqueline joined WRIC in February 2023. She is originally from Long Island, New York, but has moved numerous times. She has always been fascinated by the weather; her parents use to find her watching the weather as a toddler, specifically Paul Kocin. She graduated from University of Hawaii with her Atmospheric Science degree and minor in Geology and Geophysics. Believe it or not, she almost died in Kilauea Volcano on one of her volcanology trips.

Jacqueline has worked at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma completing research that was later published in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. After graduation she ventured out giving her bar guests the weather forecasts while shaking their cocktails at DoG Street Pub in Williamsburg, Va. Jacqueline also worked at Baron Weather, the graphics system that WRIC uses, and use to answer calls from John Bernier and Matt Dinardo themselves. Her interest in broadcast meteorology grew after helping news stations across the country at this position. Prior to starting at WRIC she was a contractor for NOAA working helpdesk for National Weather Service offices across the country. Here she troubleshot issues with their upper air flights, also known as weather balloons. She also deployed to NWS offices to install new Upper Air equipment and trained meteorologists at the office on the new system.

Outside of work you can find her surfing, snowboarding, playing soccer, hiking, or really anything outdoors. She is also an animal lover, loves volunteering at shelters, and has a foster-fail black lab named Garrison. After fostering him for literally a day, at the start of quarantine, she couldn’t give him up and soon after adopted him. A few random fun facts about her are she has a tornado tattoo behind her ear, almost got stuck out at sea on her surfboard during a storm, loves playing Bingo, and learned how to crochet last year after breaking her ribs and finished a temperature blanket that took her all year! 

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