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Renault has a handful of attractions planned for the 2022 Paris auto show later this month, one of which will be a modern interpretation of the iconic Renault 4, also known as the 4L.

Teaser shots released on Tuesday point to a modern Renault 4 in the form of a rugged off-roader, as evidenced by the depicted vehicle’s tall ride height, roof rack, chunky tires, and what appears to be underbody protection. The design is said to be a tribute to the rugged Renault 4s of the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally.

While strictly a concept, the vehicle—which will be revealed 30 years after production of the original Renault 4 ended—is thought to preview a modern 4 destined for Renault’s growing lineup of electric vehicles. While the original was a smallish wagon, the modern example, expected around 2025, may end up a crossover, judging by the teasers.

Teaser for Renault 4 concept debuting at 2022 Paris auto showTeaser for Renault 4 concept debuting at 2022 Paris auto show

The French automaker last year also rolled out a modern interpretation of the Renault 5 hatchback, which will see production in the coming years.

The Paris auto show starts on Oct. 17. Renault will also use the show to present an electric version of its Kangoo compact van, as well as a wild take on its modern Renault 5 meant to honor the original R5 Turbo.

Renault’s Alpine performance brand also has a concept planned for the show.

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