RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A new record label in Richmond is trying to bridge the gap between local artists and the major markets.

Siren Vibes Records opened up for business in November 2020.

CEO of Siren Vibes Records Desiree “Des” Newman and COO Mish Davis started the label to bring artists from Virginia, D.C. and Maryland to the big stage.

So far, they have signed three up-and-coming artists to their label.

“Right now, we are working with our artists and pushing out their EPs,” Newman said. “We are working on getting them signed to major labels. We are that bridge between Richmond, which is a secondary music market, to a primary market. We are using our connections.”

Mish Davis (Left) and Desiree Newman (Right) at an interview with 8News inside Plan 9 Records in Carytown.

Davis said Richmond has a plethora of talent to expose to a bigger audience.

“The world needs to hear it,” she said. “They need to hear it.”

The label currently has artists such as Jehmilaa from Northern Virginia, Richmond’s Montro Hefner, and Crimson Phoenixx.

They are seeking more artists locally to add to their label.

“We need more Virginia artists. Especially Richmond artists,” Newman said. “We are working with anybody in the area to push Richmond outside of Richmond to the whole wide world.”

The pair are confident in their ability to make the big moves happen and grow as big as the major record labels.

“Keep an eye on us. You’ll hear about us sooner or later. We are Siren Vibes Records. A different sound everywhere. You hear sirens everywhere,’ they said. “We are going to infiltrate every state and city with Richmond music. Opportunity awaits no one and we just go out and grab it every day.”

Siren Vibes Records takes inquiries by email via

Photos courtesy of Siren Vibes Records
Phoenixx: Photo courtesy of Siren Vibes Records
Photos courtesy of Siren Vibes Records
Photos courtesy of Siren Vibes Records
Jehmilaa: Photos courtesy of Siren Vibes Records
Montro Hefner: Photos courtesy of Siren Vibes Records