PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Gov. Ralph Northam announced Thursday that the pharmaceutical manufacturer Civica Inc. will establish a in-house pharmaceutical manufacturing operation in the City of Petersburg, creating 186 new jobs.

“This project is a tremendous win that will cement Virginia’s status as a leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing, an industry that remains at the forefront of responding to the global pandemic,” Northam said in the announcement. 

The governor’s office said Cirvica is a nonprofit generic drug company that launched in 2018 to help address the problem of generic drug shortages and high prices. The drug manufacturer is part of a government funded partnership to produce essential medications.

“Civica’s partnership with Phlow Corporation, Medicines for All Institute, and AMPAC Fine Chemicals will ensure the general public has access to high-quality, lifesaving medicines and provide a critical avenue for domestic drug manufacturing capabilities,” the governor said.

As part of this partnership, Civica will construct a 120,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on Normandy Drive, near Phlow’s future operations and AMPAC’s existing facility. Northam’s office said Civica’s plant will manufacture vials and syringes which will be shipped to hospitals across the country.

“With its welcoming partnerships, central location along I-95, and growing life sciences workforce, we are thrilled to build our new facility in Virginia,” said Martin VanTrieste, President and CEO of Civica. “In addition, our partnership and co-manufacturing location with Phlow and AMPAC will be instrumental in our efforts to simplify what is typically a very complex supply channel. This is a dream come true for Civica and our hospital partners as we work together to stabilize the supply of quality medicines for patients across the country.”

Civica will invest $124.5 million into this project and Petersburg will also receive a $5.7 million grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund to assist with it as well. Northam’s announcement said the company is also eligible to receive benefits from the Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Zone Grant Program.