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Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Announces Focus on Cases Involving Dog Bites

Pre-Settlement Funding firm says they are equipped with proper legal team to quickly evaluate and fund dog bite personal injury lawsuits. 

ELIZABETH, N.J., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Pre Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they are focusing more heavily on dog bite cases. With the rise in dog ownership and incidents involving dog attacks and vicious dog bites, Legal-Bay wants to reaffirm their dedication to victims in cases involving mauling, dog puncture marks, dog bites, dog fights, and dog attacks. Legal-Bay is an industry leader in the pre-settlement and settlement funding sphere, mainly due to their quick turnaround times and fast lawsuit loan approvals, and they want to remind plaintiffs the lawsuit settlement funding company is here to assist them with their dog bite lawsuits or pending dog bite suits or dog attack lawsuit.

Chris Janish, CEO, commented, "With the rise of dog ownership increasing so are the daily reports of serious dog bite injuries and negligence on the dog owners' part not to have the dog properly on leash. Unfortunately, we have seen a fair share of very serious injury cases involving surgeries that have disrupt many victims' lives."

To learn more, or to apply for your dog bite pre-settlement funding or dog bite settlement cash advance now, please visit Legal-Bay's page dedicated solely to these types of cases, at:

Emergency rooms in the U.S. see an average of over 1,000 dog attacks per day, causing approximately 12,500 people per year to require hospitalization due to dog bite injuries or deep dog teeth puncture wounds. In addition, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Almost 1 in 5 people wind up needing medical attention. In extremely unfortunate cases, some dog bites and dog attacks prove to be fatal.

The rise of dog ownership has led to an increase in incidents involving irresponsible actions by pet owners who aren't keeping their dogs leashed or contained. Many of these instances lead to lawsuits, most of which are eventually settled out of court, provided there is insurance coverage. The average settlement value for a dog bite or multiple dog bites that are serious are typically in the $100K to $150K range, but some can be much higher.   

Many legal funding companies and lawsuit loan companies do not fund dog bite suits or dog attack lawsuits. However, Legal-Bay's experts are well versed in handling complex dog bite cases involving dog bites, dog bites in adults, dog fights, dog attacks, vicious dog incidents, people being mauled by dogs, unleashed dog incidents, dog bites requiring stitches, dog teeth punctures, dog bite marks, and other dog bite claims not listed here.

Legal-Bay reminds plaintiffs that these lawsuit cash advances, or dog bite funding requests are extremely beneficial in helping to cover medical expenses due to dog bite injuries, surgery due to a dog bite, or reconstruction surgery due to a dog bite. In some cases, victims are unable to work and have wage claims. Legal-Bay can provide installments while you are at home rehabbing from your injuries.  

Legal-Bay typically receives inquiries from people asking for a lawsuit loan, loan on lawsuit, loan on settlement, loans on pre settlements, and so on. However, Legal-Bay's cash advances are not a lawsuit loan, a loan on a pending lawsuit, a settlement loan, or a pre-settlement loan, as if a client loses their case, there is absolutely no recourse. The legal funding advances are pre-settlement cash advances or settlement cash advances that an individual only ever has to pay back if they win their case.

To apply right now for the quick approval process on your dog bite lawsuit settlement loan, dog bite suit pre-settlement loan, dog bite lawsuit cash advance, or pending dog bite lawsuit claim, dog bite pre-settlement funding request, or any other type of dog bite pending settlement funding request, please visit:; or to speak with a live representative call 877.571.0405. 


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