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FAM announces “It’s cool to love your neighbor again!”

After 23 years, FAM (Family Assistance Ministries) announces a new brand image, logo, website address and model that provides self-reliance skills for thousands

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- FAM (Family Assistance Ministries), an interfaith non-profit that helps community members bridge the gap from dependency to self-reliance, announces a new brand and website address—and reaffirms that love matters.

New logo & brand

After 23 years, FAM has refreshed its brand. At the heart of the redesign was ensuring that our image reflects our loving action.

“While many organizations focus on providing short-term aid, FAM’s model takes a ‘whole person’ approach that focuses on the long-term success of clients”, said Elizabeth Andrade, FAM CEO. “Our traditional brand no longer represented the model we now use to assist and serve our clients. We’re grateful to the two donors who sponsored this rebranding effort to make it a reality.”

“We believe that short-term aid can result in an endless cycle of desperation because underlying causes such as financial instability, under-employment, health and wellness, racial, mental or emotional disadvantage haven’t been addressed,” said Paula Neal Reza, FAM Director of Programs. "In contrast, FAM’s goal is to end the cycle of despair by helping people navigate the journey from difficulty to self-reliance with compassion, coaching and professionalism. And, with love.”

FAM Chairwoman Sara Sullivan added, “Our history and rich experience in serving our community has prepared us for this next phase. We honor our legacy and look ahead at the impact our holistic model will create for each individual who engages with us.”

Over 2,000 community members, 50 local churches and thousands of donors minister through FAM each year. This act of service, kindness and love is reflected in FAM’s new logo and web address, www.LoveFAM.org.

A proven model for promoting independence

FAM’s model was developed through 20 years of experience ministering love and service to the neighbors in our community. While FAM provides crisis services to address food insecurity and housing provision, it also provides clients services and tools from initial assistance through financial security. FAM’s success model has four clear stages:

• Assess – Meet and collaborate with clients to understand their needs and communicate the available solutions to them.
• Assist – Help clients navigate the solutions within FAM and also with private and public partners.
• Advise – Continue to support clients with life and financial skills counseling aimed at developing their independence.
• Achieve – Having transitioned from crisis and instability to confidence and security, clients regain the independence that they’ve been working towards.

Katie’s story (actual name withheld) shows how FAM’s approach supports clients from initial contact through long-term successful outcomes. Katie was five months pregnant when her husband assaulted her, killing their unborn child. She fled with her four children and sought refuge at FAM. She was sheltered first, then provided a plan that included counseling from a therapist, faith-based support, food, and clothing, as well as school enrollment and supplies for her children. Today she has permanent employment and shelter. Referring to her experience with FAM’s model, Katie said, “We have never received such love.”

Central to FAM’s model is the belief that clients seek support and guidance rather than short-term handouts—so FAM invests in long-term client outcomes rather than just aid. FAM also strives to make its model repeatable and scalable, continuously improving and evolving the systems that serve its clients.

This year over 30,000 people will receive remote and in-person assistance from FAM to address food insecurity and housing challenges as they work towards independent living.

About FAM

Based in San Clemente, California, FAM (Family Assistance Ministries) is an interfaith charitable non-profit alliance. FAM assists those in need with resources for food, shelter, and personalized supportive counsel and aid, and coaches people how to participate in the journey from dependency to self-reliance. Ninety-four percent of the people FAM helps are housed seniors, families, and children. FAM’s shelters have placed 1,600 people into safe permanent housing. Please visit www.LoveFAM.org for more information.

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