(WTRF) – Leather, suede, bisexual?

Bisexual isn’t a term you typically see to describe couches, but it’s one you likely won’t forget.

Ikea has unveiled a collection of 10 “Love Seats” inspired by the different Pride flags.

“There’s more to Pride than a rainbow,” Ikea said on its website. “That’s why we created Love Seats — a collection of IKEA loveseats inspired by the Pride flags of different 2SLGBTQ+ identities.”

Each Love Seat slipcover, designed in an array of colors, was created by one of four artists in the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

“As a designer, I’ve always created items that allow for people to express themselves truly and I was so happy to bring that into these Love Seats,” artist Bianca Nachtman said in a statement. “Molding these couches to reflect someone’s intimate experience was one of the most rewarding aspects of this project.”

The couches are described as “a platform to celebrate identity and share stories of love,” Ikea said. They are inspired by flags representing transgender, pansexual, lesbian, nonbinary, gender fluid, bisexual and asexual communities. There are also flag designs for “2Spirt” (focusing on family support) and “progress” (focusing on community love).

“Each designer had the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art,” Claudia Mayne, Director, Marketing Communications at IKEA Canada, said in a statement. “This partnership is our way of helping artists in different communities express themselves on a large platform in a way that’s been tricky during COVID-19.”

Brian Lanigan, whose story is the inspiration behind the bisexual loveseats, explained the “Nobody Believes You” Love Seat on Twitter.

“The line ‘when you change “or” to “and”, nobody believes you’ is from a poem I wrote in high school about bisexual erasure I experienced from an ex-partner and others,” he tweeted.

“I’m a spoken word poet and the hands are meant to represent the audience reaction, especially those of other bisexual folks who would approach me after performances and share their story with me,” he wrote.

The Love Seats, which are currently not on sale, are being displayed at select IKEA locations across Canada through the summer.