WASHINGTON, D.C. (WRIC) — The Transportation Security Administration will let truck drivers who haul hazardous materials continue to do so even if some of them are facing a certain endorsement lapse.

The TSA has announced it will temporarily exempt the Security Threat Assessment Program requirement for Hazardous Material Endorsement holders whose credentials are expired or will soon expire by December 31. A TSA announcement said states may extend the expiration date for up to 180 days for truckers with Hazardous Material Endorsement credentials that expire by the end of the year.

Truckers who fall into this category have already passed their threat assessment, according to a press release. The federal agency has made this allowance due to increased wait times for the credential to come through for the truckers and to help the trucking industry.

“This exemption allows state licensing agencies to permit those with expiring, or recently expired hazardous material endorsements to remain fully authorized by TSA to transport hazardous materials during this time period,” TSA acting administrator David Pekoske said in a statement. “The commercial truck drivers impacted by this decision are subject to recurrent vetting during the exemption period, and their businesses will continue to provide safe and efficient transportation.”

According to the TSA, there are 250,000 drivers with security threat assessments that have expired or are set to expire in 2022.