RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The ransomware hack and subsequent shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline has led to higher gas prices across the region and at some spots, no gas at all.

8News crews continue to check out gas stations in the Richmond area to see where gas shortages are occurring and where people are easily filling up their tanks.


Preston’s Auto Service on the corner of Patterson Avenue and Starling Drive (Photo: Sabrina Shutters)

On Wednesday morning the BP on Midlothian Turnpike ran out of gas. An employee told 8News they may not be able to receive a delivery until Friday.

Preston’s Auto Service on the corner of Patterson Avenue and Starling Drive was also out of gas on Wednesday morning. The business has been around since the 1960s and they pump gas for about 20 senior citizens each week, according to owner Justin Spears. With the pumps dry, they aren’t able to take care of those customers.

Also in Henrico County, Exxon and Shell stations on Patterson Avenue are also out of gas. A Shell employee said they were out as of this morning and they haven’t heard when the next delivery will be received.

On Wednesday, many of Richmond’s gas stations have regular gas prices listed at $2.75 or higher. the price for premium gasoline is higher with most stations reporting prices over $3, according to


If you’re looking for gas in your area it can be helpful to do some research before starting up your car. An online tool called GasBuddy can help drivers figure out the prices in their zip code.

There are other ways to narrow down your search as well. Drivers can look for different fuel types, payment methods, station brands or the most recently updated prices. In addition to searching for a station nearby, the tracker has a map that will plot station prices.

Gasoline Outage tracker provided by

GasBuddy also has an outage tracker to help people figure out where not to go looking for gas. A map will show users which stations have fuel and power and which ones are lacking in either category. Following the pipeline shutdown, the main concern this week will be a lack of fuel.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the app reported 44 percent of stations in the state were without gas. This is about triple the number of outages that were reported this morning, when only 15 percent of stations said they did not have gasoline.

Virginia is only surpassed by North Carolina, which has 65 percent of gas stations reporting they don’t have fuel. The commonwealth is followed closely by South Carolina and Georgia, which both report 43 percent of stations do not have gasoline.

AAA follows gas prices from day to day and since Monday the state average rose from $2.76 to $2.79. This time last year prices were drastically lower with a gallon of gas costing an average of $1.68.


Around 11 a.m. on Tuesday Sam’s Club on Midlothian Turnpike was completely out of gas.

An employee at the Wawa location in Short Pump told 8News on Tuesday that they were not experiencing supply issues and neither were other Wawa stations in the Richmond area.

Supply issues are impacting urban and rural parts of the state. In the town of Keysville, an Exxon station put up signs saying they are out of regular and mid-grade gas. The only option left was to fill up with premium gas.

An Exxon gas station without regular and mid-grade gas in Keysville, Virginia on May 5, 2021. (Photo submitted by an 8News viewer)

On Tuesday night, more and more people found gasless gas stations. The Exxon station on Robious Road ran out of gas as did the Sheetz on Huguenot Road.

Other locations took precautions to limit gas consumption. Fort Lee in Prince George County limited each customer to 10 gallons of gas and is not allowing overnight fueling.