RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The 8News, Puritan Cleaners 100,000 Meals Campaign has received some wonderful donations of food and money thanks to you. All of these donations are brought to Feed More. Feed More takes the money and purchases food and also takes the food donations and delivers the food to their partner agencies. 

There are 277 partner agencies across Central Virginia, stretching from the Northern Neck to Louisa, south to the Virginia-North Carolina line. There are many places throughout Feed More’s service area where residents have to travel nearly an hour or more to go to a grocery store. These areas are called food deserts. Many of the partner agencies are located in these food deserts to make it easier for people to get good, nutritious food they need.

Goochland Cares is one of those partner agencies and they process to get help is very easy. “So all our clients are required to register once a year, and they meet our income threshold and they live here in Goochland.” explains Carol Dunlap, the family services director. “We determine that indeed they need our service so we can serve them. And once they’re registered, we work with them in terms of developing, as we call their shopping list, what they’re able to get.” 

Dunlap also makes it known that no one goes away hungry.

“If somebody comes and says, I’m hungry, we will feed them once, maybe twice, while we’re getting them registered for ongoing service.”

Goochland Cares is a large operation and most of the work is done by Volunteers. Doug Chiles started as a volunteer and is now the manager of the food pantry. “We have about 65 volunteers each week. They work two to three hour shifts.” Chiles said with excitement. “We kind of show them what to do and a lot of them just take ownership and they move it forward, on their own with just a little bit of guidance.”

The 8News, Puritan Cleaners 100,000 Meals Campaign will continue through Saturday, May 14th so there is still time for you to donate. You can help our community by donating to the 100,000 Meals Campaign by clicking on this link.  Remember every dollar that you donate can provide 4 nutritious meals, so a $25 dollar donation will provide 100 meals. Of course, you can always drop off food at any Puritan Cleaners location.