RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — For the third year, 8News is proud to partner with Conexus Vision for the Gift of Light Campaign.

Conexus Vision is a 501(c)(3) organization that helps local children in our school see better.

“When children have improved vision, studies have shown their behavior can improve and their grades will improve because they can focus more without eyestrain,” explained Tim Gresham, the President and CEO of Conexus.

It is a very simple process for children in our area. and sets up a time to screen students from K-12th grade.

Students that show signs of vision issues then meet with an optometrist that is brought into the schools by Conexus and given a full eye exam. After the eye exam, children can pick out frames of their choice from a very large selection. Prescription glasses are made for them and within two weeks those children are seeing better.

“We were able to see a few students at some area schools during the pandemic with drive-through clinics, but now are in COVID catch-up and we expect to see well over 100,000 students this year alone,” Jeff Baldwin, the director of communication for Conexus Vision, told 8News.

The work that Conexus Vision does in our community goes on year-round, but it cannot be done without the help of our community. That is why the Gift of Light Campaign is so important. Your donation can go a long way:

  • A gift of $10, Conexus can provide a child a VisionCheck screening.
  • A gift of $50, Conexus can provide glasses for a child.
  • A gift of $150, Conexus can provide screening for an entire classroom.
  • A gift of $500, Conexus can provide an entire day of Mobile Vision Clinic services.

You can make a donation to the Gift of Light Campaign here.