RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The 8News, Puritan Cleaners 100,000 Meals Campaign officially ended two weeks ago, but the donations continued to roll in after that.

Gary Glover, the owner of Puritan Cleaners, presented a check in the form of meals to Doug Pick the CEO of Feed More — containing over 125,000 meals!

Pick said this donation is coming at the perfect time, because soaring gas prices and inflation are hitting many of their clients hard.

“It’s one challenge after the other,” Pick said. “We got through COVID, kind of, and now we’re facing inflation and those gas prices affect our clients so significantly. And then you have potentially a recession. Our low-income clients are the first to get in trouble, the last to get out. So, the challenge continues. And this is so timely, so important. And, of course, right before the start of summer where our kids are really struggling without the additional assistance they get at schools.”

Besides donating food, many area children colored our 100,000 Meals Campaign posters which will be hand-delivered to Meals on Wheels clients over the next couple of weeks to help brighten their day.

The team at Puritan Cleaners and Feed More are still weighing the last of the food donations that have come in and there is a very good chance this year’s donation could end up being close to 130,000 meals. 

8News expresses our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you who donated to make this campaign a success.