RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – This week, 8News reporter Roxie Bustamante is taking on the challenges of Adulting. Today, we see how Virginia Union University is working to prepare their senior students for the transition to living on their own after graduation.

Adulting is a popular term used among millennials to describe taking on adult responsibilities.

At Virginia Union University, Takeisha Brown, the Director of the Office of Career Services, tries to help students prepare for this transition through a ‘How To Get a Job and Keep A Job’ seminar.

“We use the word ‘job’ just because it’s catchy, and it gets their attention but we are really preparing them for their careers and when you start your career, it’s very different,” Brown said. “Now, you actually have to budget and all of those moments will then affect your work if you don’t manage them properly. We try to help them with how to get the job, teaching them skills that will help them to be successful while they’re on the job, but then having them to think about those things even in their personal life.”

The students go through mock interviews, learn networking skills, and how to balance their personal and professional responsibilities. Senior student Abiebatu Bah said her biggest fear is trying to budget and paying for bills that were once taken care of by her mom.

“I’m not totally an adult yet. I still live with my mom so I haven’t really had a full-time job yet,” Bah said. “I haven’t really lived on my own. I don’t pay bills. I only pay one so, therefore, it’s like adulting; I’m pretty sure it has way more to than just paying one bill and living with your mother.”

Other students like Khimani Anthony-Wilson have already started their journey into adulting before graduation.

“I am kind of on my own already now so I’m kind of getting the adulting in a way,” Anthony-Wilson said, “but it’s going to hit as soon as we cross the stage.”

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