CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Students at Beulah Elementary in Chesterfield County were given free eye tests last week using a state-of-the-art technology that takes just seconds to work.

The tests are courtesy of Conexus, which purchased the Visiocheck equipment and manages the program, which is funded largely through donations.

“It takes about five seconds per child to check for about six different vision issues,” said Kia Miles, a Conexus staff member. “It’s measuring for astigmatism, nearsighted, far-sighted. It’s actually measuring their gaze. If it’s symmetrical, it’s measuring their pupil size and the distance between them.”

Ariana, a student at Beulah Elementary, said the test was “pretty easy” and that all she did was “open my eyes wide and, like, look into the camera.”

After the scan is done, the technician administering the test immediately receives a notification indicating a clean bill of health or the need for a more complete exam.

If a student does need further examination, Conexus sends a full report to the student’s parents and then follows up with the student at school.

“We actually come in with the eye doctor and a licensed optician and perform the exam directly at the school and then dispense the glasses at the school again,” Miles said.

Miles said the test also helps because it works regardless of language barriers or learning difficulties that can make traditional screenings unreliable.

“Students on the spectrum or students who have other learning disabilities. It has been like a huge help for them,” Miles said.