RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — While heading back to school can be exciting for students it can also be challenging for those with poor vision and access to vision insurance. But with the help of Conexus Vision, many students are already getting to see more clearly as the first day of school approaches.

One in four children have a vision problem and most don’t even know it. So learning and reading can become difficult and result in their grades suffering.

Virtual learning has only made it worse, optometrist Ja’Nai Frederick told 8News.

“The increased use of computers has caused more strain in children’s eyes,” Frederick said. “When we stare at computers, we tend to stare, we don’t blink.

According to Frederick, staring at screens all day can lead to increased dryness, redness, inflammation, and tearing.

Luckily, many students can take advantage of a free eye exam and free glasses thanks to Conexus. Schools will be sending out permission slips for parents to take advantage of this opportunity.

The permission slip is for the vision screening Conexus will do with the child. After permission is given, Conexus checks the visual acuity of a child and once vision care need is identified, the team comes back with their mobile clinic and provides free eye exams and glasses.

“It’s an easy process to go through and the impact is tremendous because we find kids every year that have never seen well at all. We put glasses on their face and they see well for the very first time in their life and it’s life-changing for those students,” Tim Gresham, CEO of Conexus said.

Conexus expects to screen over 100,000 students this year improving their student life with better vision.