RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Attention animal lovers! The Metro Richmond Zoo needs your help in naming its newest addition — a baby pygmy hippo that was born earlier this month!

The hippo was just born on Dec. 6, but she has already captured the hearts of many. She is reportedly the second pygmy hippo to be born at the zoo, and in the state of Virginia.

If you have any ideas for a good name, go to the zoo’s Facebook page and sound off in the comments section of the latest post.

According to the zoo, the new baby hippo weighed a healthy 16 pounds when she was born. However, only a week later, she weighed 24.2 pounds. One adult pygmy hippo may weigh up to 600 pounds, according to zoo officials. Pygmy hippos are native to West Africa and are considered an endangered species.

For more information about the zoo’s new hippo, visit here.