RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Each year on Nov. 11, Americans nationwide honor military heroes and their service to our country on Veterans Day. On this national holiday, you may be wondering how to fly your flag to properly honor the day.

Thankfully, an amendment that was adopted into United States law in 1942 provides the exact rules for using and displaying our very own Star-Spangled Banner nationwide.

According to United States Code, unlike on Memorial Day, “when the flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon only,” on Veterans Day the American flag should be flown at full staff all day.

When is the flag flown at half-staff?

  • May 15: Peace Officers Memorial Day
  • Memorial Day (until noon only)
  • By order of the President
  • For the death of prominent U.S. government figures (President, Vice President, Chief Justice, etc.) or others
  • July 27: Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
  • September 11: Patriot Day
  • December 7: Pearl Harbor Day
  • Following national tragedy

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