RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Big wheels, small trucks and a “monstrous” good time — more than 300 remote control monster trucks hit the track at the 6th annual Solid Axle Showdown on Saturday.

The event was held at the Double Tree Hotel on 1021 Koger Center Boulevard and drew monster truck lovers from across the country.

The free event, hosted by Showtime R/C Motorsports, featured track obstacles, jumps, crashes and races between competitors who tackle the hobby with pride.

Marlon Cox, the president and founder of Showtime R/C Motorsports, said the event happens once a year.

“When you come out here, you are definitely going to see some serious racing. There are some bragging rights out here,” he said. “Reputation is on the line.”

Photo by Melissa Timberlake Photography

Cox said the event brought out truck fans of all ages and remote control monster trucks of all sizes.

“Everybody in here is die-hard monster truck fans,” Cox said. “We go to all the monster truck shows. If you go to monster trucks shows in this area and you see these guys, nine times out of 10 it is someone in our clubs.”

Wayne Popluhar has been a competitor for the past six years and said when he saw the event for the first time he immediately went and purchased a truck right away.

“It’s a great family,” he said. “You come out and have fun. Everybody is competitive but helps each other out. If something breaks, we donate parts. It doesn’t matter. We are all one big family.”

The event started on Friday and runs through Sunday, August 7. You can visit the location yourself from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.