RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Local teachers in the Chesterfield district held a giveaway today, benefiting the William Fox Elementary School teachers who lost everything in the tragic fire that occurred just a few weeks ago. The giveaway was organized by two former public-school teachers, just days after the fire happened.

“I always say to my students, it shouldn’t have to happen to you, for it to matter to you. And we see so many people who clearly believe that” said Ann Marie Halstead.

Goodie bags containing gift cards and other mementos were given away to Fox teachers at the site of the charred remains of the school. Each bag contained a $150 gift card for Amazon, a $25 gift card to Target, a fox figurine, a new set of pens, a pen pouch, homemade cookies, and a letter from a local community member offering each teacher “something special” in collaboration with local artists that they will make for the teachers when they have the classroom space for the gift.

Amy Foster said that an Amazon wishlist was created for the teachers that people were able to purchase much-needed items off of. The items were delivered straight to her home, where she was able to get everything together for the teachers.

“A lot of that comes right directly out of the teacher’s pockets, and that’s why it was so important to us to give directly back to the teachers,” Foster said.

Halstead and Foster said due to the Amazon wishlist, they were able to collect all of the supplies to be given away without adding another to-do to the Fox teachers themselves.

“They still have their fox spirit alive and well, but it takes a lot to come back from something like this,” Halstead said.