HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Housework can be a hassle for anyone, but imagine trying to keep up with it while battling cancer. That’s why one local house cleaning business is stepping in to help.

“Every October, we reach out to our clients that have cancer or have cancer in the family and offer them a free cleaning,” said Rachel Fehl with Kathleen’s Cleaning Service.

Rachel Fehl

It’s part of the nationwide “Cleaning for a Reason” program, and it helps families like the Brown’s.

Back in June, the Brown’s five-year-old son, Aubrey, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

The Brown family

“When we got the news it was devastating,” said Aubrey’s dad. “We had lots of tears in the hospital with the doctor.”

The disease coupled with aggressive chemotherapy has weakened Aubrey’s immune system, making a clean home critical. While in and out of the hospital for treatments, keeping their home spotless has become a challenge, however.

That’s where Kathleen’s Cleaning Service comes in.

“Having a company like Kathleen’s come in and help scrub everything down and keep it clean allows him to stay healthy and stay safe,” Brown said. “We’re grateful for them.”

Fehl said providing free services this month for these families is rewarding.

“I’ve seen tears. I’ve seen joy,” Fehl said. “I’m just happy that we get to be apart of their lives and their journey.”