PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Students at Petersburg High School had the opportunity to take part in a fun STEM-based project, and learn more about sustainable energy in the process.

The Flying Classroom offers an “advanced, rigorous, and relevant project-based learning” experience for kids. The curriculum includes learning virtually about solar technology, and a challenge to convert two electric motor go-karts into solar-powered ones.

Students in the class were able to work together to deconstruct the old go-karts and reconstruct them into more sustainably driven vehicles.

“Working on this go-kart was a nice learning experience. People were able to oversee what I was doing and correct my mistakes and whenever I made mistakes they put it on me to fix the mistakes to let me show that I’m truly learning,” said 8th-grade student Faleap.

World-renowned pilot, educator and National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Captain Barrington Irving developed The Flying Classroom in order to expose students to STEM through real-world experiences and provide kids with opportunities to gain college and career skills for the world beyond high school. The program is offered nationwide.