RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Chicago has deep-dish pizza. Las Vegas? Well, nothing ever leaves there. New Orleans has Bourbon Street and Sedona has Red Rock Country. Boston has “yous guys,” Charleston has “y’all,” and Austin… well, Austin stays weird.

Every major city around the United States is well-known for regional colloquialism, cuisine, habits, and other quirks that make each place, and the people who live there, uniquely their own. And when you get to Richmond, you’ll find there’s no exception.

8News asked Richmonders themselves how they could tell if someone was from their beloved river city, and more than 1,000 replies later, these are the results.

How to tell if someone is from Richmond:

  • “Powhite is pronounced Po-white, even though the correct pronunciation is POW-hite.”
    •  A state highway in Virginia. Known as Powhite Parkway, the highway runs 13.04 miles from Midlothian north to Richmond
  • “Duke’s is the only mayonnaise”
  • “Richmonders stand on tables at Sticky Rice then go to Christian’s Pizza at 2 a.m.”
    • A fan staple, the popular sushi restaurant Sticky Rice is well known, not only for its food, but for its vibrant nightlife. The restaurant features karaoke night every Tuesday, and like this comment leads, guests give a real standing ovation.
  • “It will always be Ukrops”
    • Whether you’re a rainbow cookie stan or you’re there for the fried chicken all true Richmonders will tell of the magnificence of the foods of Ukrop’s. Hundreds of residents even lined the streets for the grand opening of the Ukrop’s Market Hall on Patterson Avenue in 2020.
  • “When they order a PBR”
    • Colloquially known as the “People’s Beer of Richmond,” Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is bought for about $3 a can, and is the unofficial domestic of the city.
  • “When they freak out over smooth roads”
    • From Broad Street, to Canal, to Goshen, Richmond roads aren’t well known for their ease of driveability. Broad Street more recently underwent a $12 million paving project, and even the project itself underwent a rocky road from start to finish.
  • “We have a festival for Everything!!”
    • Que Pasa? Dominion Riverrock. Richmond Jazz Festival. Richmond Folk Festival. Broad Appétit. 2nd Street Festival. You name it, Richmond has it. The river city is famous for its abundance of festivals throughout the year, but especially during the warmer months.
  • “They talk about Thalhimers, Ukrops, & Miller Rhoads as if they were still open”
    • Big box Richmond staples, Thalhimers and Miller and Rhoads were Virginia-based department stores, and Ukrops, a popular Richmond grocery store, were essentials from the middle of the 20th century until the early 21st.
  • “They call Richmond RVA,” and to follow, “They have an RVA sticker on their vehicle”
    • Richmond pride runs deep, and the hold local marketing has on the city runs deeper. Are you even a Richmonder if you don’t have RVA stickers on your fridge, Contigo water bottle, or back windshield of your car?

Read more replies from Richmonders on our Facebook post. Really, some of the comments were hilarious.