ETTRICK, Va. (WRIC) – The United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg is trying to make it easier for single moms to be able to go back to school.

This year, the organization has given out $185,000 in scholarships to 23 moms in need. The scholarships cover the cost of childcare to give those single moms one less thing on their plate they have to worry about while going to school.

Ettrick mom Michelle Allette is one of the scholarship recipients. Knowing she has the scholarship to cover daycare for her child while she goes to school, is a big sigh of relief.

“It’s just awesome,” she said in an interview with 8News last week.

Her son Elisha can be at daycare while she’s in class at Virginia State University for sociology — and soon, a law program.

“When school’s in session, that’s where all my focus is, and also my nonprofit, but it’s like, school is very intense,” she said.

Sammie McCabe with UnitedWay of Greater Richmond and Petersburg said the organization went from helping six moms last year to 23 this year.

“We had so many teary phone calls and lots of exclamation points in emails,” McCabe said, smiling.

With the sigh of relief, Allette can continue keeping up her nonprofit, Elijah’s Purpose, too. After losing Elisha’s twin, Elijah, in pregnancy, she wanted to help other moms going through what she went through.

“Through the process, I just didn’t have the money for funeral costs and different things because I was out of work because I was a high-risk pregnancy,” Allette said.

Going forward, she hopes other single moms will do a little something for themselves and apply when the time to apply rolls around again next year.

“My sister sent me the scholarship and I was sending it out, and she said Michelle, did you apply for the scholarship? I said oh, hold on, let me go apply,” she smiled.

To learn more about the scholarship and when applications will open again next year, click here.

“Our goal is to really help them get across that finish line, reach their goals of becoming a teacher, becoming a lawyer, becoming a nurse,” McCabe said.