RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — To help children stay sharp this summer, Richmond Public Schools launched a new drive-by book service for students — ‘Lit Limo.’

“Kind of like an ice cream truck without the ice cream – it’s better, it’s books!” RPS Instructional Specialist Judy Deichman said.

The newly converted school bus brings hundreds of books to RPS students. The bus helps RPS implement their reading strategies and create excitement for books and literacy.

“We need to get books in the hands of students. We need to take the books to them. We need to take library lessons to them.” Deichman said.

The ‘Lit Limo’ follows a bus route hitting every RPS school zone in the city.

For RPS parent Kim Massey, it’s a game changer for her two grandsons, Eemelly and Khiyal.

“It’s beautiful. That’s a good thing because we cannot go up into the libraries right now. That’s a good thing,” Massey said.

Deichman said the idea for the ‘Lit Limo’ came from her time with Nottoway County Schools.

“They get to choose their book. They’re not handed a book list. They’re not handed – this is what you’re reading for the summer. You get to come on and choose a book to keep on your own.” Deichman

RPS Director of Curriculum and Instruction Autumn Nabors says she hopes the impact of the bus lasts all year long.

“Just creating this culture and community that’s like a culture and joy for literacy,” Nabors said.

The ‘Lit Limo’ will run for the remainder of the summer and during the school year. To find the closest route to you, follow ‘Lit Limo’ on Twitter @LitLimo