RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — 8News Anchor Autumn Childress was joined by a very special guest during Friday’s newscast ahead of Mother’s Day Weekend.

Gwen Williams (Left) and her daughter, 8News Anchor Autumn Childress (Right)

I mean, yeah — who else would it be other than Mama Gwen?

Former 8News Anchor Gwen Williams took to the desk with her daughter, Autumn, for a full-circle place in time Autumn described as “a moment I could’ve only ever dreamed of.”

Williams started as a weather anchor for WRIC in 1993 and became a news anchor for the station from 1995 through 2009.

“Today, you were my co-anchor. But every day —you are my mommy and my best friend. My mentor and my protector. My sanity and my reason. My ‘one call’ that I can always count on. My shoulder to lean on… cry on… think on… my everything and then some more,” Childress said on Instagram after anchoring the show with her mother.

“Watching you behind this desk as a kid inspired me to chase whatever dreams I had. You never forced news on me, but I guess it was sort of in my blood. And now, every day, I’m honored to carry your legacy… all while creating my own story… in a city that we can both say we’ve touched… at a station we’ve now both called home… and behind a desk we can officially say we’ve ‘shared,’” Childress said.

And, let’s be real, Gwen’s still got it.

Gwen Williams on 8News in 2023

To all moms ahead of Mother’s Day, thank you for your dedication to uplifting your children and loving us kids to make us who we are today. Happy Mother’s Day.