POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Powhatan County nonprofit is looking for a boost in donations as a rise in demand has put a strain on its resources.

Nancy Alexander, secretary for the Coalition of Powhatan Churches, said the organization is a nonprofit that gives support to those in need. “Our motto is lending hearts and hands to our community,” she said.

The Coalition started about 25 years ago and supports people living in Powhatan County with childcare, medical bills and other expenses.

However, lately, the nonprofit said people struggle with utility bills and affordable housing the most. Robin Cupka, the Coalition’s treasurer, said because of that, they’re scrambling to keep up with the rise in demand for their emergency services.

“One little thing like a car repair can knock somebody out of their budget for the month,” she said. “People had a forgiveness or stay on some of those things just like mortgages and rents, but now that that’s gone — people have not been able to catch up.”

Dozens of people come through their office to apply for help with different programs, like Families with Children.

However, Cupka said the Coalition’s grant money is now gone within weeks during a the time when it should typically last months.

“On Sept. 1, we received our first grant of the quarter and that should last three months. We are all out and we’ve been all out of our funding for Families with Children since last month,” Cupka said.

“We’ve never been out that early. That’s the equivalent of like three times more demand than we’ve had in past quarters.”

The Coalition is now depending on donations to help people out, but they’re concerned this won’t be sustainable.

“If we can get people talking, we can at least try to come up with a solution,” Alexander said.

Cupka and Alexander said they hope county leaders consider plans to bring in more affordable housing.