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MECHANICSVILLE, Va (WRIC) — After working more than 40 years for the Virginia Department of Transportation, Charles Rasnick decided to keep moving.

Today, Rasnick continues to be the driving force behind Hanover Senior Rides, offering free transportation services for senior citizens needing assistance getting to doctor visits, grocery stores and community functions.

“We provide enough mobility for them so that they can stay in their homes or that they can live independently,” Rasnick said.

When the program launched in July 2013, Rasnick said “we did three rides the first month.” Fast forward a few seasons, and a more than a few passengers, Rasnick said volunteers gave 315 rides in January of 2020, and handled around 3,800 rides in 2019.

In 2012, Rasnick teamed up with Mechanicsville Churches Emergency Functions (MCEF), a faith-based non profit, to begin working on a senior ride program.

Since then, the service area expanded after Ashland Christian Emergency Services joined the drive program.

Today, 37 volunteers support Hanover Senior Rides and Rasnick says drivers have the connective ability to use liability car insurance and receive 25 cents per mile, for gas.

Using his own Buick to drive seniors, Rasnick says one of the most rewarding personal experiences for him is “people who are in need of a ride, and have not been able to get it before. And, so, a lot of times our first rides are the ones that are most important for the client.”

After Rasnick initially led the local charge in implementing a senior drive service program, Hanover County recently followed suit; now offering their own senior rides program, Hanover Dash.

Interested drivers and riders for Hanover Senior Rides can call the numbers below:

  • Mechanicsville: (804) 357-9360
  • Ashland: (804) 543-6115