RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Visitors to the Science Museum of Virginia can see images of new cosmic views from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope on the largest screen in the commonwealth.

The new space telescope gives the deepest look of the cosmos captured in images, including those of baby stars, dying stars, galaxies and more that have never been seen.

Justin Bartel, an astronomer at the Science Museum of Virginia, told 8News that the photos captured by the telescope are already making an impact.

“These images are already transforming what we know about the universe,” Bartel said. The museum is showing the photos in some of its shows at The Dome planetarium, according to Bartel.

“Well here in the dome, we will be able to really immerse audiences in these new images,” he said. “It’s the largest screen in Virginia and we can fill this entire screen with these JWST images.”