RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The holidays wouldn’t be the same without a heartwarming story to lift the spirit, which is why 8News is spotlighting the story of Julie Marshall, a Richmond cancer survivor, and her former nurse at Johnston-Willis Hospital, Tiffany Knepshield.

In the summer of 2021, Marshall was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. She underwent aggressive chemotherapy at Johnston-Willis Hospital every third week for five days straight. During her six-cycle treatment, she formed a close relationship with her care team, which included one of her nurses, Knepshield.

Marshall, who is a chaplain at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Richmond, developed a special bond with Knepshield as she was being treated for cancer. She learned that Knepshield was engaged and looking for an officiant for the wedding. As friendship between the two grew, plans were set up for Marshall to officiate Knepshield’s Charlottesville wedding in early December of 2022.

“I’m in remission now, but I miss going into the hospital because I got to see my friends when I was there!” Marshall said in a statement through Johnston-Willis Hospital.

Marshall officiates Knepshield’s December wedding in Charlottesville. Photo courtesy of Pryor Green / HCA Healthcare Capital Division.

Marshall said was honored to help with Knepshield’s wedding earlier this month, and she also has plans to spend time with Knepshield and her new husband after the holidays.

“Our relationships with our chemo patients don’t stop after they finish their cycles,” Knepshield added. “They’re all a family and we love them so much. It’s awesome to have that connection outside of work. Julie will always be a part of my life now.”