RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – From a hobby to a fashion empire, Sassy Jones is taking the fashion world by storm.

The sass behind the Richmond-based lifestyle and fashion brand is CEO, Charis Jones.

“We are a powerhouse brand,” Jones explained to 8News. “We are an award-winning fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand that inspires confidence in women.”

Through hand-designed jewelry, handbags and accessories, Sassy Jones has been inspiring women to be confident since 2013.

“We are bright, bold, unapologetic, audacious,” she said.

Jones said the climb to the top didn’t come easy. The business started as a hobby driving to trade shows with her twin boys.

“Had the boys and at 4 months, they were in the back of the van and we were driving to Florida together,” Jones said. “Atlanta together. I could only last a year. That was as hard as you could imagine it was times twelve.”

WEB EXTRA: Sassy Jones CEO, Charis Jones, tells 8News how she discovered her passion for fashion and empowering women

Jones said she didn’t want to give up on her dream. She decided to change her strategy and turn to social media and e-commerce.

“Once we pivoted online, that is when it took off,” Jones explained. “2017 is when we intentionally e-commerce, and we invented this thing called Sparkle Party. It’s my play version of HSN. It’s pretty much every week we go live and do tutorials of our new arrivals in a very fun way. We still do this today.”

Sales then boomed.

“It has reinvented itself to look different ways,” Jones said. “We’ve had celebrities on. We’ve had DJs on. It’s a thing. Now, it’s gotten to a point where — last week we had 2,600 watching at one time on Facebook.”

That growth eventually got her noticed by Inc. Magazine last summer as the 75th fastest growing company in the country. Her company was also named the fastest-growing company in the state of Virginia.

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“It felt like I hit the best wall of my life,” Jones explained. “It’s literally one of those moments where you have to take a deep breath. As entrepreneurs, we run so hard for everyone else. You’re not looking for any reward. You’re doing it because you love the journey, you love how it feels.”

Jones’ focus now is leaving behind a legacy.

“That is actually what my last year has been about,” Jones said. “The legacy. This brand will outlive me. For Sassy Jones, I want it to be audacious. I want it to feel the exact same way today.”

She said she’ll use the one thing she knows best to get there: confidence.

“Confidence is just a belief that you can,” Jones said. “That’s it. The belief. Do I still mess up every day? Absolutely, but I believe I can recover. That’s where the confidence comes from.”

She’s hoping to inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their dream.

“Sometimes, when you dream and that thing is burning and is keeping you up at night, and you just can’t let go of it. You have to pursue to see if it has any form of validity,” Jones said. “No matter how crazy it seems or sounds.”