RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — BLK RVA is one of the ways locals and people visiting Richmond can discover Black culture in the city through art, restaurants, community and events.

BLK RVA is a campaign by Richmond Region Tourism that highlights the Black experience in the city. The website for the campaign is organized in a way that allows people to plan their trip to Richmond to rediscover history and all that the city has to offer.

The impact of this directory has been monumental for many businesses and events with deep roots in the city. These businesses are advertised through the online directory and through special features on social media like the website’s “Rooted and Rising Feature.”

Tameka Jefferson is a community relations manager for Richmond Region Tourism and works closely on the BLK RVA campaign.

“It’s all about showcasing the Black experience in our region,” Jefferson said during an interview with 8News.

Jefferson added that businesses receive free advertising through the campaign in a time when it is essential. This encourages people to visit local businesses and increase tourism.

“For one, I feel like small businesses — they are the ones pushing our community forward,” Jefferson said. “They are the ones keeping the economy growing. They hire people who live here. So we are literally putting money back into the pockets of residents who stay here.”

The focus of BLK RVA is in a rooting and rising theme, Jefferson explained. Businesses that are rooted in history that everyone knows about and businesses that are on the rise everyday.

“When individuals go to our website, whether they are locals or whether they are individuals visiting our region, they literally can see how to engage — whether planning a visit, grabbing a bite, catching a vibe,” Jefferson said. “They can see and hear from locals who live here on the importance of the Richmond region to them.”

Richmond Region Tourism and BLK RVA are also exploring ways to work with hospitality students in local colleges. The organization wants to be able to help support these students by providing scholarships in hopes that they stay in the region and help the hospitality industry continue to grow.

To learn more about BLK RVA or plan your trip to Richmond, CLICK HERE.