CHESTEFFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Tattoo artists from all over the world are gathering in Midlothian this weekend for a celebration of the art of tattoos.

The Richmond Tattoo, Art & Music Festival is taking place in Midlothian from Friday, Oct. 21 to Sunday, Oct. 23. Tattoo artists from around the United States and abroad come to the Richmond area annually for the festival, which is currently in its 28th year.

Several of the tattooists present for the event have been contestants on the reality tattoo competition show Ink Master.

Besides seeing the art and NFTs on display, attendants can enjoy live music, tattoo competitions, massages, karaoke and performance art. Cantaritos and some Richmond food trucks will also be serving food.

The third day of the festival begins at noon and will end at 6 p.m., tickets can be found here.