Wednesday is a day that Conexus optician Fatim looks forward to each week. It’s a day known as ‘Glasses Distribution Day.’

For the past couple of weeks, children at area schools have been screened for eye problems, had their eyes tested and then picked out new glasses — some for the first time.

“So, this is basically everything that we do, this is what it falls down too,” Fatim said. “This is the exciting part.”

8News recently visited Ettrick Elementary school and got to see students getting their brand new glasses, many of them elated to see clearly for the first time.

“The second that they put the glasses on, it is like the whole world opens up to them,” Ashley Hall, Executive Director of Communities in Schools for Chesterfield County, explained.

And that can make the difference in the classroom not just that day, but for the rest of the student’s career.

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“If a kid is in class and they cannot see, then they are not getting what they need to learn but they are probably disrupting other kids in the class,” Hall explained. “Because they are kind of in their own world, they do not know what is going on, they can’t see. So, for us, that has been one of the greatest outcomes from this. 

“The moment that kiddos start we see immediate positive changes in behavior and academics, and that just changes the whole course of the rest of the school career.”

Ashley Hall, Executive Director of Communities in Schools for Chesterfield County

While all of this work is done free of charge for the students and the schools, it is Conexus that is doing the work and paying the bill.

Tim Gresham, the president and CEO of Conexus reminds us that there is so much more work to do.

“We are really limited by the funds that we receive, so the more funds that we receive the more children we can serve,” Gresham explained.

That is where you can help out!  Donate today to the ‘Gift of Light’ by clicking here and make a child’s holiday by helping them see clearly.