RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Lottery reported that players across the state won big in Wednesday afternoon’s Pick 4 drawing, defying statistical odds.

According to the agency, the winning numbers were 9-9-9-9, meaning players who wagered on that four-number combination won the top prize.

The cost of play for the lottery’s Pick 4 drawing is $1, and the top prize for the winning numbers of 9-9-9-9 was $5,000.

According to the Virginia Lottery, players of the draw on Wednesday, Aug. 31, wagered a total of $451,678 and won more than $8.7 million. That means that over 1,740 players won $5,000.

“Quadruple numbers tend to be very popular in the Pick 4 game and are, therefore, some of the most heavily wagered,” a release from Virginia Lottery explained.

According to the lottery, the chances of matching all four numbers in exact order are typically 1 in 10,000. However, the winners of last night’s draw were over 38.5 per 10,000.