RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — As we count down to the holidays — parents may be wondering, what are the most popular toys this year?

Whether you’re an early shopper or a last-minute procrastinator, its good to be aware of this season’s hot toys. So we’re going straight to the experts.

Inside World of Mirth, in the heart of the Carytown district, you’ll find a toy store for kids and ‘kids at heart’; whether they’re into the cool or quirky.

Owner Thea Brown starts planning for the holiday season in April. She said some of this year’s hottest sellers won’t be big, expensive toys.

“Inventive play, imaginative play is going to be really popular this year. Everybody’s kind of been stuck inside for the last two years,” said Brown.

One example is ‘Clixo.’ The manufacturer describes this as a building toy that combines the magic of origami and classic building blocks with the power of magnets.

You can also build out into 3-D and create all kinds of fun shapes,” Brown said.

In a survey by the toy association, 67% of parents spend more time playing with their kids now than before the pandemic.

A majority of them rank board games among the most sought-after categories. Brown says ‘Joggles’ is going to be a hit.

“What you’re trying to do is different tasks with the game while you’re wearing these goggle that change your vision, you’re either going to be looking upside down or to the other side,’ she explained.

She also adds we may see a trend toward more multicultural toys like ‘Rock the Bells dolls.’

“What I really love are the one of a kind face sculpts, those custom blended skin tones and authentic hairstyles that are worn by ethnicities from around the world. So kids and adults can see themselves reflected in these dolls,” said Werner.

Ultimately, Brown says you should be thoughtful when shopping for your child.

“Remember the person that you’re shopping for. There might be some super-hot item that everybody advertising is trying to tell you to get, but kids don’t always love those things,” said Brown.

Christmas is not about money or expensive toys, it’s about loved ones and memories. And those are the things money can’t buy.