RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Experiencing the outdoors is a big part of enjoying Virginia. You’ll find mountains in the west, beaches in the east with plenty of rivers and cities in between.

But now there’s a new favorite route in Virginia that runs from Jamestown to Richmond: The Virginia Capital Trail.

“People come from all over the world to experience the trail,” said Cat Anthony, Executive Director of the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation. “A lot of times they say it’s one of the best maintained trails they’ve seen.”

The trail was completed in sections and work began in 2005 before the official opening in 2015.

“It’s paved. It’s safe. It’s good for all ages,” added Anthony.

And the more than 50-mile trail shows exactly what Virginia has to offer.

“Near Williamsburg you a lot of folks walking with strollers. Then in the in-between not so much. Then you get closer to Richmond and it becomes so much more urban,” said Andy Ballentine, who has completed the trail from start to finish four times.

“We have rollerbladers, cyclists, runners, walkers,” said Anthony. “People sometimes call it ‘it’s a cycling trail’ but really it’s for everyone. We want everyone to get out there.”

The trail has quickly become a big part of Virginia and even holds events.

Ballentine loves spending time on the trail and you can find him wearing an orange vest as a trail ambassador.

“Our role is to wear this to be visible,” said Ballentine, referencing his vest. “I think people really appreciate seeing the ambassadors out there because they know there’s somebody watching for them. It’s not like they’re out there by themselves.”