COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) — There aren’t many places where you can pull your truck right up to the shoreline, grill out, float in the water and see wild horses run free in the sand and surf. But in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, watching wild horses roam in an everyday treat.

“There’s about 100 horses who came here about 500 years ago. Spaniards brought them over. The population began to dwindle over the decades, especially in recent decades, which is why the Wild Horse Fund got started,” said Pete Cole, the general manager for Wild Horse Adventure Tours, in Corolla, North Carolina.

Cole says they reopened during North Carolina’s phase 2 and made a lot of big adjustments to keep everyone safe.

“The most basic things we had to implement was disinfecting and the mask mandate as well. The way that we work that out was we disinfect the Hummers all the seats, door handles and the steering wheel. Between every tour, we disinfect the office and all the surfaces in between the check-ins,” Cole explained.

Cole says it wasn’t feasible to require masks on the tour, so in order to keep everyone safe, the tourists only sit in the back two rows of the Hummer which is six feet from the driver.

Each tour is also private, so you won’t ride with anyone other than who you come with.

So far, he says the customers have been thrilled.

“They have been extremely excited to get out of the house, extremely excited to be in this beautiful environment out here, and see something most of them have never seen before. It’s often the highlight of people’s trip to the Outer Banks,” Cole said.

Each tour slot is two hours long and the likelihood of spotting some four-legged friends is high during the summer season.

The tour guides give fun facts along the way, also making it an educational experience to take part in during the pandemic.

“I think everybody needs to get out on occasion and to be able to do something that’s outside …. and we even offer a non-contact check-in where they can just check in outside. It’s almost the perfect activity on a situation like this,” Cole said. For more information click here.